Alternate Learning Schools

These schools will be established through Public Private Partnership in IDPs returned areas and in the areas where schools have destroyed or where no primary school exists within 1.5 kilometers radius. For this purpose a village education committee (VEC) will be constituted in consultation with political administration and Agency education officer, who will then provide a qualified teacher as per laid down criteria and arrange building consisting of at least two rooms for establishing the schools. Whereas Project will provide educational material and honorarium for teachers, the teacher will be hired with consultation of the concerned VEC. Project will also provide nominal rent charges of the space they provide.

A minimum of 40/30 students should initially be available for enrolment. Preferably, the ratio of male and female schools is planned to be kept 2: 3 or Male 40%: Female 60%.

Textbooks and other materials such as blackboards, Almira ,chalk, dusters, supplementary reading materials (SRM) tables, chairs and tat/jute etc will be provided free of cost to the established schools.