Mr.Javed IqbalDirector Program
MBA Finance & Accounting

    Mr. Javed Iqbal has a Masters Degree in Finance & Accounting as well as (Hons). Besides he has an Msc. Development Studies in progress. At FATA Education Foundation, Javed Iqbal Afridi is responsible for the overall management of Planning & Development Section. With a rich background in finance and accounting, Mr. Javed Iqbal has worked with Save the Children (US) where he was responsible for Admin, Logistic & Finance Section. In preceding years, he worked in finance, administration, auditing and accounting departments of prestigious organizations in different capacities. Mr. Javed Iqbal is overseeing the ADP Project Assistance to 100 Talented Students in FATA also as well as responsible for Training and Human Resource Management.01-May-2013