Public Private Partnership

Tera Maidan, District Khyber

Project Concept:

A sustainable and self reliance program initiated on the Governor’s directives to provide scholarships to 200 students in each school, capacity development of teachers and phase out in a sustainable way.

Duration: Five years (January 2015-December 2019)

Project Brief: 23 Private functional schools are identified through a survey on the direction of Honorable Governor  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in TDPs return area of Tirah Valley. Assistance of Rs 400 per month per student provided to all students. The amount of the scholarship tapers down at the rate of 20% per year. Assistance will continue based on Quality Assurance Test (QAT) conducted after every six months/once in a year by ETEA. Currently 6,662 students are being facilitated under this program in 18 schools.

S.No Name of Institution Address Level Enrolment
1 Umar Khel Public High School Umar Khel, Terah Maidan High 264
2 Maidan Public School Lali Kas Bar Qamber Khel Bar Bagh High 706
3 Iqra Public Middle School Zarkany Nazar Khel Middle 203
4 Amir Khan Public School Nerhaw Terah Nerhaw Bar Qamber Khel Middle 225
5 Roshan Middle Public School Meer Darah Middle 240
6 Sherdara Public School Sherdara Maidan Zakhakhel Middle 429
7 Muhammad Ghoz Primary Public School Mehmand Ghoz, Terah Middle 358
8 Tangi Primary Public School Tangi Zakhakhel Primary 169
9 Al-Madina Model School Terah Maidan Laka Tigga Middle 201
10 Shalubar Primary public School Shalubar Donga Middle 317
11 Islamia Higher Secondary School Maidan H.secy. 839
12 Terah Model School Dawlat Khil New Bagh Middle 203
13 Shaheen Public School Kas  Alam Khel Middle 233
14 Usmania Middle Public School Kala Khell Sarbad Khel Barami Middle 491
15 Muslim Public Middle School Terah Maidan Bagh Markaz Middle 489
16 Hanifa Middle Public School Pir Mela Zakhakhel Terah High 853
17 Muhammadia Public School Dorbi Khel, Bar Qamerkhel Middle 224
18 Shama Girls Public School Macha Poora Bar Qamberkhel Primary 218
Grand Total
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